Best Cold Air Intake For 6.0 Powerstroke – Reviews

Cold air intake is one of the imperative parts of the engine. The purpose of creating the cold air intake was to minimize the restriction of air. Besides, compared to the stock, it will improve the flow of air.

Once you place your order, you will receive a kit that will comprise an enclosed air box. It will play a significant role in protecting the filter from the dirt. Also, it will keep the engine heated, which is essential. Therefore, we will share a list of the best air intakes for 6.0 Powerstroke. It will help you to increase the efficiency of your truck.

Why should you need the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke?

Why should you need the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke-min

Installing a cold air intake in your 6.0 Powerstroke will be a great idea. It will offer you a lot of benefits. Here are some of the reasons for which you should install the cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke.

  • More horsepower

The amount of air utilized during the process of the combustion cycle determines the output of the engine. Well, we all know that compared to hot air, cold air is more conducive. Hence, the motor will burn the fuel efficiently. Now, the amount of increased horsepower will depend on your vehicle’s configuration. For instance, there is a possibility that the horsepower will increase from 5HP to 12HP.

  • Gas mileage will increase

Another reason to install cold air intake is to increase mileage. Power production takes place in the internal combustion engine. If you want to make this process successful, you will need a considerable amount of oxygen. If the amount of oxygen is not sufficient, there is a possibility that it will increase fuel consumption. Hence, the cold air intake will heighten the flow of air, which will increase the gas mileage.

  • Improved acceleration

Whenever you push the gas pedal, you will notice the benefits of the cold air intake. So, you can comprehend that it will enhance the responsiveness of your vehicle. Whenever a considerable amount of cold air reaches your vehicle’s engine, you will be able to accomplish the desired speed. Hence, it signifies that you will enjoy a smooth as well as speedy acceleration.

  • Better engine roar

Some vehicle owners love the roaring sound of their car’s engine. It is the most significant value you can obtain from the installation of a cold air intake. But, how does this intake affect the engine’s sound? The air intake, installed by car manufacturers, works silently. On the contrary, the cold air intake takes the performance to a higher level. The primary reason behind it is that the cold air intake sucks in a high amount of air. The intense level of airflow can produce the growling sound. Thus, it is desirable to lots of car enthusiasts.

So, these are the reasons for which we are recommending you install a cold air intake. Once you install them, you have to make sure to take good care of them. Maintenance is essential.

Quick Picks

  1. SUPERFASTRACING Air Intake: It is the best product as numerous advantages will come your way. It will increase fuel economy and boost the engine. In addition, it will strengthen your engine’s torque and horsepower.
  2. Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake: Throttle response to this cold air intake is one reason you can consider it to be the best stuff. The cotton media filter that you will receive with this device is washable and reusable too.
  3. GXP Cold Air Intake Kit & Oiled Filter: When you receive the package, you will find out that it includes all the necessary hardware pieces. The lifetime oiled filter of the product also reusable. Furthermore, aluminum construction is responsible for its durability.
  4. Black Cold Air Intake Kit: If you are looking for a cold air intake that can withstand extreme climatic changes, opt for this one. The silicon couplers present in this machine are responsible for its durability. Finally, it will improve your vehicle’s performance.
  5. Ford 6.0L 6.0 2003-2007 Powerstroke Engines: The most exemplary aspect of this product is that it will improve the overall life of your engine. Plus, the glossy black finish makes it look attractive. It contains all the hardware pieces that will help you to install the cold air intake effortlessly.

Top-rated 10 Cold Air Intakes For 6.0 Powerstroke – Reviews

#1. SUPERFASTRACING Air Intake Kit Replacement for 2003-2007 6.0L F-250 F-350 Powerstroke Diesel 6.0

If you have plans to buy this air intake kit, keep one thing in mind that it is for off-road use. To be precise, if you are a racer, consider it to be your ideal choice. Besides, once you install this item in your vehicle, you will come across numerous benefits. For example, the fuel economy of your car will get a boost. It will improve the torque of your engine too.

Moreover, the horsepower of your engine will reach a new high if you install the product. The flow of air in your engine will increase. Also, you should know that the boost of a car is essential when it comes to racing. Hence, adding this cold air intake will be fruitful from every aspect as it will improve the boost of your car.

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  • It improves the fuel economy of the car.
  • The torque of your vehicle will get a boost.
  • You will witness increased horsepower.
  • This product will help you in racing.
  • This item will enhance the boost of your car as well.


  • You will get no instructions with this cold air intake.

#2. Sinister Diesel Cold Air Intake for 2003-2007 Powerstroke 6.0L

It is another cool air intake that will help you to enrich the condition of your engine. It comes with various features, which are responsible for the competence of the product. If you are thinking of adding some power to your 6.0 Powerstroke without much modification, this item is the best option for you. The best thing that will happen to your engine is that it will provide you with a quicker throttle response.

If you set out for racing after installing it, you can comprehend the change quickly. Apart from racing, if you are simply driving your car, you will fathom the improvement. The look of this air intake is attractive too. It is a durable product that can withstand some serious issues. The oversized cotton filter that you will receive is reusable and washable. You will get all the necessary pieces of hardware with this item.

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  • You will enjoy an improved throttle response.
  • Cotton media filter is reusable as well as long-lasting.
  • It compatible with towing, racing, ad driving.
  • The item looks fantastic.
  • You will receive all the mounting hardware.


  • It needs a bit more breathing space.

#3. GXP Cold Air Intake Kit & Oiled Filter Compatible with 2003-2007 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel

The length of the product is 4 inches. It is a durable item as it comes with aluminum construction. It doesn’t matter in what condition you are driving your car; this air intake will withstand everything. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the product as it is washable. One of the finest attributes is that it a reusable item that comes with a lifetime oiled filter.

You don’t have to go through any complexities while installing this cold air intake. It comes with all the necessary hardware pieces so that you can install it effortlessly. You will enjoy a warranty of 1 year if you install this product. Besides, the compatibility of the item is impressive. To be specific, it is compatible with 2003-2007 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel Trucks.

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  • It is a significantly durable product.
  • The makers used the best quality of aluminum to craft the item.
  • It comes with all the necessary hardware pieces.
  • It is a washable product.
  • You can reuse it whenever you want.


  • The inside of the product is not that smooth.

#4. Black Cold Air Intake Kit For 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel 6.0

It is a solid cold air intake made of aluminum. Hence, there will be no issues regarding the durability of the product. The aluminum construction will ensure its capability of handling extreme weather. Plus, aluminum is a long-lasting material that will make sure of the stable performance of the product.

Moreover, there are silicone couplers that will add to the durability of this cold air intake. It will ensure that this product will perform for a long time even if it goes through temperature extremities. You don’t have to bother about anything as it will provide you with reliable performance. Now, fitment is another perk that you will come across after installing this item. It will fit your vehicle precisely.

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  • It is a highly durable product.
  • The manufacturers utilized the best quality aluminum for this product’s construction.
  • It will deliver you a reliable performance.
  • This cold air intake comes with superior silicone couplers.
  • It can withstand temperature extremities.


  • You will not get any instructions with the package.

#5. Ford 6.0L 6.0 2003-2007 Powerstroke Engines Turbo Air Products – DK Engine Parts

If you want to improve your engine’s life, this cold air intake is your idyllic choice. After installing this item to your machine, it will enjoy a better life. Also, it will grab the attraction of people due to its stylish look. It comes with a Gloss Black finish, which makes it look classy. You will get gaskets with this item so that you can install it effortlessly.

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  • It is a stylish product.
  • It comes with all the installation hardware pieces.
  • You will get gaskets with the package.
  • It is a reliable brand.
  • This is a durable product.


  • It receives scratches quite quickly.

 #6. Cold Air Intake Pipe Kit with Oiled Filter, Filter System Replacement for 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke Diesel Engine

It is a cold air intake pipe that comes with an air filter. The length of that air filter is 4″. The creator of this product used aluminum for the construction, which makes it durable. It comprises a CNC mandrel bent. With the help of this mandrel-bent, you can bend the pipes precisely, without any deformation.

Moreover, the engineering of this cold air intake will ensure maximum airflow through the engine.

Compatibility is another thing that makes it attractive. It is compatible with 2003-2007 Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super Duty 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel. The aluminum construction will protect it from cracking. Besides, it will be able to withstand various temperature changes.

You can install this cold air intake with basic tools. Consulting a professional will be the best option.

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  • It comes with an air filter.
  • The makers used premium quality aluminum to construct this object.
  • You can install it with the help of the essential tools.
  • Compatibility is the forte of this good.
  • It can withstand the temperature extremities.


  • You will find no instruction.

#7. Lizudian Red Cold Air Intake Kit

Lizudian Red Cold Air Intake Kit has everything that you need. At first, let us talk about its construction. Like most of the other products on the list, it comprises aluminum materials. It makes the product durable and long-lasting. The look of the product is striking too. It arrives in a stylish red color, which is capable of grabbing people’s attraction.

Carrying the object is effortless as it is portable. Besides, you don’t have to undergo any complexities while installing the device in your truck’s engine. The installation process is relatively easy. The creators used sophisticated technology to craft this cold air intake. For that reason, it is a lightweight yet robust product. The overall quality of this machine is also up to the mark.

After installing it in your vehicle, the safety of your car will increase as it is an efficient air intake system.

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  • Aluminum material makes it strong.
  • It arrives with a stylish design.
  • It is a lightweight item, which you can carry easily.
  • The manufacturers used sophisticated technology to develop it.
  • It is a high-quality commodity.


  • There are no such cons.

#8. 6.0 Cold Air Intake Kit for Ford F250 F350 F450

This air intake kit will bring several benefits to your vehicle’s engine. For example, it will perk up your vehicle’s fuel economy. Along with that, it will increase your vehicle’s boost, which will help you during emergency situations. Besides, the torque and horsepower of your car will strengthen once you install this cold air intake. One of the best parts of the item is that you don’t have to remove its turbo.

All the bends in the aluminum tubes are CNC Mandrel. Therefore, the engine will witness maximum airflow. To be precise, it will feed your machine with the required cold air. You will get all the necessary tools such as a conical filter and clamped filter along with the package. Also, you will receive a silicone coupler and silicon hose installation bracket. It fits Ford 2003-2007 Super Duty 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel.

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  • It improves the fuel economy.
  • Your engine will get a better flow of air.
  • The boost of your engine will also increase.
  • You don’t need to remove the turbo.
  • It will feed your engine with cold air.


  • No instruction comes with the package.

#9. Cold Air Intake Kit for 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L F-250 F-350 Powerstroke Diesel 6.0L (Red)

The features of the product make it desirable amongst users. For instance, you don’t have to remove the turbo of this cold air intake. You can directly replace it with the stock air intake. You don’t have to look for any additional tools to accomplish this task. The components of this good are also solid and efficient. The creators incorporated stainless steel and CNC Machined Billet Aluminum to tailor the product.

Furthermore, it will offer you multiple benefits. It will enhance the engine’s flow of air along with increasing its fuel economy. The torque and horsepower of the engine will reach up to a new high once to add this device to it. All the bends in aluminum tubes are CNC Mandrel, which will allow you to bend the pipes without any warp. The design and the engineering of the item will allow the maximum flow of air to the engine.

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  • It is attuned with numerous vehicle models.
  • It betters the fuel economy.
  • The maximum flow of air will increase.
  • The aluminum tubes are CNC Mandrel.
  • It is a direct replacement for your vehicle’s cold air intake.


There are no expansions in the end to hold the boots.

#10. BETTERCLOUD 4″ Oiled Cold Air Intake Kit & Filter Replacement for 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel 6.0 Red

The aluminum tubes are of high quality and polished. Like most of the other products in the list, the bends in the aluminum tube are CNC Mandrel. Hence, you can bend them without worrying about malformation. This trait is responsible for the maximum airflow to the engine as well. The design of this tube will boost the torque and the horsepower of the vehicle.

The high-flow air filter that comes with the item is washable and reusable. This cold air intake will fit 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke diesel. In case you are a professional racer, consider it to be your idyllic choice. This stuff will refine your vehicle’s performance. The best part is it will not burn much of your fuel while doing so. It is an affordable upgrade that you can opt for your vehicle.

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  • High-quality and polished aluminum tubes.
  • It allows maximum airflow to the engine.
  • Adding is cold air intake is an affordable upgrade.
  • It comes with a straightforward process of installation.
  • The item arrives with all the necessary tools.


  • You will find no such drawbacks.

How to choose the cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke?

How to choose the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke-min

Before picking up the best air intake for your engine, there are some questions that you should seek answers to. Fathoming the answers to those questions will give you a brief idea of how to choose the best item amidst all. So, here are the questions that you need to ask.

Does the air intake come with a thermal barrier?

Intake systems extract their cool air from a dense and cool source. However, if it doesn’t come with thermal contamination protection, the power gain will not be up to the mark. In that case, construction materials play a pivotal role. The material should be able to defy the heat transfer. If you take a look at our recommended products, you will find out that most of them consist of aluminum construction, which is one of the exemplar components.

Does the air intake comprise an oiled filter element?

Oiled filter elements offer proper filtration. But it may create some issues to the air metering devices. If you are using the filter type, there is a possibility that the immeasurable microscopic oil particles will contaminate the meter’s surface. It may cause malfunction or failure of the meter. Thus, try to opt for an intake that encompasses a dry filtering element.

What about the water ingestion?

If you are living in a place with heavy rainfall, this could be a concern for you. You should know that cold air intakes extract their air through the bottom part of the fender well. Thus, they are prone to the risk of ingestion. In that case, the most convenient option for you is to choose the air intake that contains a bypass valve. It will protect your item from ingestion.

So, these are the things that you have to keep in mind before buying the best cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke.

Cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke buying guide

Cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke buying guide-min

Before making your decision, there are some factors that you need to examine. Examining those factors will help you to get the best cold air intake for your engine. Here are the factors that you need to determine before buying your desired product.

  • Material

We all know that the purpose of a cold air intake is to avoid the collection of heat. To do that, it will push cold air towards the engine. Therefore, the material should be heat-resistant. If you take a glimpse of our suggested products, you will find out that most of them comprise stainless aluminum. So, choosing any of those items will be a good decision for you.

  • Design

The next thing that you have to fathom is the design. Most manufacturers design them in such a way that they become compatible with specific engines, types, and models. Thus, don’t forget to verify whether the air intake is suitable for your vehicle or not. After that, make your decision.

  • Intake style

Next, you have to fathom the type of cold air intake. Well, there are two types of intakes that you will witness such as:

  • True Cold air intake– The functionality of this air intake involves a filter. It moves the air filter as far as probable. Compared to the other alternative, it produces more flow of cold air.
  • Short ram system– With the help of this air intake system, you will be able to access your air filter easily. You don’t have to worry about fabrication or plumbing.

Water protection

Another imperative parameter that you have to check is water protection. You have to make sure that the air intake comes with protection from water or wet climates. Or else, there is a possibility that water will get into your item. It may end up as engine failure. It is the last thing that you would want.

User guide of a Cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke

User guide of a Cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke-min


Installing the cold water intake in your 6.0 Powerstroke is an easy process. You have to go through some steps to accomplish the installation process. Here are the steps that we are talking about:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to make your engine cool. Or else, there is a possibility of an accident.
  2. Next, you have to disconnect the battery from the negative terminal.
  3. Now, get rid of your old air intake.
  4. After that, you need to connect the silicon coupling that you will get along with the kit. You will find it in the throttle body.
  5. It is now time to secure the coupling. You have to do it by tightening the hose clamp.
  6. In the front of the coupling, you have to bring another hose clamp. However, make sure not to tighten right now.
  7. Include the intake tube in the silicon coupling. Accordingly, make sure that the intake pipe is run from the throttle bay, which will take it away from the engine bay.
  8. Tighten the coupling and secure the entire bracket’s tube.
  9. Include the mass airflow sensor into the system of new cold air intake.
  10. Conduct reconnection of the battery.
  11. In this final step, you will enjoy the new power boost.

We will also deliver you some tips to help you maintain your air intake. Following these tips will help you make your products long-lasting.

  • At first, you have to educate yourself about the intervals of proper cleaning.
  • You can use numerous cleaning techniques such as drying, oiling, and compressing the air carefully.
  • Inspect the filter regularly. It will help you to fathom its issues.

Prevent rubbing the tubes and make sure that the tubes have proper routing.

What cold air intake gives the most horsepower?

SUPERFASTRACING Air Intake Kit is one of the best cold air intake systems providing you with high horsepower. It is a recommendable product for the following reasons-

Ensure high-level performance

Due to the innovative design, you can find superb performance. You can easily unleash the hidden potential of your engine.

Better fuel economy

You can save money on fuel usage. The kit will add a boost and increase the torque level. Moreover, the overall design will raise the level of horsepower. Your engine will breathe air in a better way, and that is why you will have a high-power output.

 Quality filters

The best quality conical and clamped filters are easily washable. You can take care of the filters of this cold air intake kit.

Easy hose installation

With o-rings and screws, you can easily install the hose.

Top Features of the cold air intake for 6.0 Powerstroke

Top features are the primary reason for which people opt for these items. Features are responsible for the benefits and competence. For this reason, we are going to bring the top features in front of you. It will help you to buy the best machine amongst all. Here is the list of features:

  • Air Filter

The most important part of the cold air intake system is the air filter. It plays an essential role in keeping the dirt, dust, and other particles away from the combustion chamber. Or else, there is a possibility that it will reduce fuel efficiency. It can dull the engine power too. Over time, it will cause a lot of damage to your engine. If you take a look at the cold air intakes, you will find out that most of them come with their specialized filter.

  • Mass Flow Sensor

Another significant feature that the products contain is the mass flow sensor. This sensor is a pivotal part of the system as it determines the amount of air that flows to the engine through the cold air intake. It calculates the mass of the air and calibrates the amount of air that goes to the engine. Depending on that, it can increase the efficiency of the engine. You will find two types of mass flow sensors such as hot wire and vane meter.

  • Tubing

Tube air has a significant purpose of serving. It collects the cold air from the cool places and delivers it to the engine. Most of the time, they are made of the finest of materials such as plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber.

  • Durability

The products that we mentioned above are durable, as they contain the best materials. They are capable of enduring the harshest climate changes.

Why did we recommend those cold air intakes for 6.0 Powerstroke?

There are multiple reasons behind our recommendation. To be specific, you will come across plenty of benefits after installing them in your vehicle. The overall performance of your engine will get a boost as well. Some of the services that you will enjoy are:

Engine will get more oxygen

It is the primary reason for which we install these cold air intakes. If the engine receives a considerable amount of oxygen, the combustion process will get better. It will mix with the fuels precisely to provide you with the best results.

Fuel economy will get better

Installing an air intake will increase the fuel efficiency of your engine. If the combustibility increases, your fuel economy will also improve. In simple words, your engine will not use much fuel to work. It will use the same amount of fuel as the stock cold air intake.

The power will increase

We already told you that the rate of combustion would increase once you add these products to your engine. Due to this combustion, the power boost of your engine will also increase. The torque and the horsepower of your engine will get an extra boost. Additionally, throttle response will increase, which will allow your engine to tow more weight.

They come with a reusable filter

Most of the conventional air intakes come with a disposable air filter. It collects dust, dirt, and other things that are harmful to your engine and air intake system. If you buy out suggested products, you will enjoy reusable filters. You can remove them and clean them whenever you want. It is not only environmental-friendly, but it will also help you to save money.

How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a diesel?

Air intakes are conductive. For that reason, it will burn your fuel more efficiently. Apart from increasing the torque of your engine, it will also increase its horsepower. Now, the amount of increased horsepower will depend on your vehicle’s configuration.

If you want to get a rough idea of it, we can help you with that. Adding an air intake to your engine can add up between 5-15 HP. Some of the factors which are responsible for the rate of increase of horsepower are location, type, model, and build of the car.


What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket?

Third-party providers are responsible for making the aftermarket products. All those items are universally applicable. Compared to the OEM products, they will cost you less. On the other hand, OEM signifies the original Equipment Manufacturer. They comprise your vehicle’s original manufacturers and their subsidiaries.

Do the cold air intake systems have a thermal barrier?

The best intake units accept air from some dense and cool source. However, without the ultimate protection against potential thermal contamination, you will have minimal power gain. The heat transfer from resistant materials, like carbon fibre, causes a high effect on the intake temperature. That is why there is a need for thermal barrier coating.

To air intake hamper air-fuel ratio?

It depends on various things. If your intake pipe is narrow, too wide, or doesn’t create a smooth airflow, there is a possibility that it will hamper the air-fuel ratio. It will generate a lot of problems for your engine. The worst part is that it can get ignored due to the benefits of air intake. You will enjoy your torque and increased airflow and will miss this problem.

Are there any issues with the aftermarket products?

Some manufacturers are not capable of creating filters that are dense enough. For that reason, they are unable to collect the harmful micro-level particles. It can have some adverse effects on your engine. Consequently, don’t forget to examine the quality of the filter before buying the air intake for your machine. You have to check some other things, like mounting hardware, piping, and the general design.

How should you take care of the cold air intake?

Due to the higher level of airflow, you will find an accumulation of grime and dust. Thus, you must clean the cold air intake regularly. It is easy to clean the filter of the cold air intake. You may use your screwdriver to detach the filter mounting system. Then, you can pull the filter from the intake.

Make a blend of dish detergent and water and clean the air filter with it. Pull the out filter and dispose of the solution. You must dry it before reusing it.

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Thus, buy any of those products that we mentioned above. All of them will make your engine breathe better air. Also, the combustion of your engine will increase, which will improve its fuel economy. The overall performance of your engine will heighten.

Moreover, all of them are made of the best materials responsible for their durability and longevity. The life of your engine will increase as the filters will stop the dirt and debris from entering the engine of your vehicle. Try to take good care of them, and that will improve their service life. So, stop hesitating and place your order quickly.

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