How do I find out what options my car was ordered with

I bought a used car and can’t shop for it confidently as it has lots of unknowns. How do I find out what options my car was ordered with? It’s a common frustration among car owners who have recently bought a used one.

Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about. As long as you have a VIN, you can collect all the options that your car was ordered with for free or pay for free from plenty of sources.

Read on to briefly learn about VIN, how to find it, and use it to get the desired information.

How do I find out what options my car was ordered with?

Use the Vehicle Identification Number to find out what options your car was ordered with. Through the VIN, you can find plenty of information, including body style, place of production, engine type, model, and service history. It will also inform you about all the options the car came with out of the factory.

You can get your car’s VIN from online search engines for free or by paying a small fee.;

After finding the VIN, talk to the service department of the dealership of your car manufacturer and ask for the options your vehicle was ordered with. Alternately, you can also decode the VIN by yourself or take a VIN decoding service from a related service provider.

Find Out the Car VIN

Find Out the Car VIN

Apart from an online search, there are plenty of ways to find out the VIN. The simplest way is to find the VIN stamped on different parts of the car. You can find the number inside the doorjamb, engine compartment, or on the dashboard, and it include 17 digits.

The VIN is also mentioned on the vehicle’s documents like repair records, insurance, or registration documents.

Find out the Options Your Car Was Ordered through the VIN

After discovering the VIN, apply either of these methods to understand the options your vehicle was ordered with:

·        Seek aid from the Dealership or Car Manufacturer

After providing the VIN to the dealership or car manufacturer, they’ll provide you with the desired information about factory options. Alternatively, you can also contact the carmaker’s customer service team.

·        Purchase a Vehicle History Report

There are many third-party websites out there that preserve comprehensive historical data about the car. Simply you can pay around $20 to $40 for either of them and provide VIN to get the car’s detailed history report.

·        Decode the VIN

If you want to find out what your car was ordered with for free, you can decode the VIN by yourself. Though car manufacturer websites aid in decoding the VIN, let’s get an idea of how to do so:

  • Among the first three characters of the VIN, the first one refers to the region where the vehicle was made.
  • The second character stands for a certain country.
  • The third character indicates the vehicle type.
  • The fourth to eighth characters tell us information about the vehicle, including the engine, model, and body style.
  • The night character verifies the legitimacy of the VIN instead of providing any specific information.
  • The tenth character prefers the year model of the car.

The last seven characters of the VIN tell us about the information on vehicle options. The common options are:

Seat covering material

  • Sunroof
  • Time color
  • Power seats and windows
  • Entertainment system
  • Equipment packages like towing and off-road

Final Words

Collecting the information on the car’s ordered option isn’t difficult. so instead of wondering how do I find out what options my car was ordered with, find out the VIN. Then use it as the preferred method to get the required information with or without paying.

But we would prefer you to decode the 17 digits on your own as you already know the process.



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