How long does it take a car to cool down

Does your car’s engine get overheated periodically and you can’t wait to check or repair it? In this case, knowing how long does it take a car to cool down can let you be patient and prepare until the engine becomes safe for touching.

On average, a car engine takes around 30 minutes to cool down. However, the actual time depends on plenty of factors and also has some tricks to cool down the engine rapidly.

Read on to briefly learn about those factors and tricks for the most convenient experience.

How long does it take a car to cool down?

Whether your car has a petrol or diesel engine, it may take around 30 minutes to cool down enough to allow you to inspect and work on it. However, if you have an electric car, you don’t need to be concerned as you don’t need to do much work to put pressure on the wheels.

During the initial stage of the cooling process, the engine coolant, the engine itself, and the radiator are scalded with hot water. If you are in a hurry instead of waiting and attempting to inspect and resolve the issue, it can cause you injury.

Keeping the engine off, the heat reduction, and the car stationary is comparable to the temperature difference between the engine and the surrounding environment. After cooling down the engine near the normal temperature, the amount of convection cooling reduces notably, and it can take several hours to reach the ambient temperature.

In addition, the aluminum-block engine generally cools down more quickly compared to the cast-iron-block engine. The reason is that the aluminum blocks and heads tend to heat damage compared to iron. To speed up the cooling process, you can open the hood to boost air circulation inside the engine bay.

Factor That Effect On Car Cooling Time

Factor That Effect On Car Cooling Time

The following are some key factors that largely determine how long it’ll take to cool down the car engine:

·        Car Temperature during Running

An overheated car takes a considerably longer time to cool down than a car with optimal engine conditions. Driving a car for a longer time with an overheated engine can take up to one hour to cool down.

·        Car’s Running Time

If you drive your car for only 5 minutes, the engine should take only 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes to cool down. Conversely, after driving for 6 hours, your car’s engine may need up to 40 minutes or even three hours to cool completely.

·        Engine Size

Though this factor plays a minor role, four-cylinder engine cools down faster than a twelve-cylinder engine and you may notice a 15-minute difference.

·        Environmental Temperature

Under 95 degrees F and direct sunlight, a car’s engine typically remains hotter for longer and takes up to 45 minutes to cool down. Conversely, in a freezing environment, the car engine will take a maximum of 20 minutes to cool down.

Apart from that, the coolant level and engine insulation quality also impact the cooling time of a car engine.

Tips To Cool Down Your Car’s Engine Faster

If you want to cool down your car engine faster, apply these tricks:

  • Apply rapid cooling to the radiator instead of the engine.
  • Quickly rev the engine.
  • Turn off the engine, keeping the key in the on position.
  • Fan the car interior.
  • Turn on the engine and set the air conditioning setting of the car to the max.
  • Open the lower air vents and the car windows.
  • Close the window and activate the recirculated air.

Final words

Along with knowing how long does it take a car to cool down, you should also prevent the engine from overheating. This will not only keep the car engine in optimal condition but also deliver convenient driving for a long time.

Failure of a coolant hose is the key reason for getting a car engine to overheat, and the rapid coolant leak is the source of the problem. Hence, maintain your car properly and check for problems periodically to avoid messing up.


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