How to Get a Replacement Car Key without the Original- 3 Simplest Methods

Of course, showing the original makes it straightforward for the dealer or storekeeper to deliver the exact replacement, even if it’s a car key. But what if you lost the original car key or it was damaged badly? How to get a replacement car key without the original?

Fortunately, you can get a replacement car key even without showing the original from multiple sources, including a dealer or locksmith. But it needs to provide some crucial information.

Keep reading on to know where you can get replacement car keys affordably and the procedure to maintain them.

Find out the Type of Car Key You Require

The type of car keys varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Hence, start by checking the car’s owner’s manual to find out the manufacturing year.

Older cars, manufactured before 1981, don’t include any special electronic parts like chips or transponders. Hence, it’s easier to get replacement car keys for such models from a locksmith or hardware store.

In contrast, cars made after 1981 are more advanced and require a transponder key. Therefore, the car owner should contact the dealer or automotive locksmith.

If you have owned a car recently or you had a key fob, you’ll require a smart replacement key. In this case, talk with your car dealership or visit an automotive store to get a programmed key.

How to Get a Replacement Car Key without the Original

You may require a replacement car key if the existing one is damaged, broken, bent, or doesn’t match the lock due to wear and tear. Whatever the reasons, gather all this information first:

  • Brand and model name
  • Manufactured year
  • Title
  • Registration number
  • VIN (vehicle identifications number)

The VIN is mentioned on the driver’s side dashboard. It’s also possible to cut a replacement car key by VIN number online simply by pulling the key code from the VIN.

Apart from identifying the right type of replacement key, this information will prove you are the owner of the car. After collecting all the information, use either of these methods:

· Check local dealership

Contacting the dealer from where you purchased the car is the simplest way to get a replacement car key. However, they charge a premium and sometimes outsource work to a locksmith.

· Visit a locksmith

Wondering Can a locksmith make a car key without the original? Yes, they do an event at more inexpensive price than a car dealer. But it requires additional information for an easier process.

· Automotive locksmith

An automotive locksmith is another cost-efficient way to get replacement car keys without showing the original. More importantly, they can even program the replacement key fob if required.

Cost of Making Replacement Car Key

How to Get a Replacement Car Key without the Original- 3 Simplest Methods

Ranges from $35 to $350, the cost of making a new replacement car key depends on the type of the key itself. Most locksmiths charge $35 to create a 90s model car key that doesn’t have a chop. But they charge around $100 to cut keys with primitive chips.

The car owner may need to spend approximately $350 to get a key fob and reprogramming. It means the older the car, the cheaper it will be to get a replacement car key.


· Does car key replacement include programming?

Modern car keys have remote controls and transponders. As a result, new replacement key with programs must be cut.

·What if you lost your car key?

Whether you lost the car key or it is damaged, call a locksmith for a cost-efficient replacement. In some cases, you may need to get a key from a dealer or purchase an ignition lock cylinder.

·Can AutoZone make a key without the original?

AutoZone is one of the reliable choices to cut a new replacement car key for almost all makes and models. They can trace the current key and verify it digitally before you leave the shop.

Final Words

Hope you understand how to get a replacement car key without the original as the guide gives you multiple options to apply. Though these processes vary based on budget, they all require some crucial information to verify you as the owner of the car. So losing the document can hurt you badly unlike losing or damaging the car key.


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