How to get rid of a car that doesn’t run

If your damaged or dead car becomes intolerable or you want to recover your valuable yard; it’s time to take action. But how to get rid of a car that doesn’t run? Don’t worry, there’s a numerous way to get rid of the damaged car that may even reward you with some money.

Taking junk removal services, recycling the car, and donating or selling on various platforms are some of the smart ways. Read on to briefly learn about the options to execute the most preferred one.

How to get rid of a car that doesn’t run

Luckily, you can get rid of your dead or scrapped car in plenty of ways with the least hassle and investment. You can even make a little money out of your dead car or get other advantages. The following are some smart ways to handle a car that doesn’t run:

· Call a junk removal service

A junk removal service is an effortless way to get rid of a scrap car, though it costs money. Contact some local services and compare their rates to pick the best deal. During the comparison, don’t forget to check the company’s review to deal with the most reputed one.

Apart from shopping online, you can also talk to the company face-to-face, but make sure you get a written deal.

· Recycle the dead car

Recycle the dead car

Recycling a dead car is an environmentally friendly decision. To do this, you can simply talk to some recycling services and take the service from a preferred company. Though some scrap metal dealers pay for used car parts, some may take the car off for free.

· Sell the car

If you are planning to get rid of your car that doesn’t run by selling it, there are plenty of sources. For example, you can talk to a dealership, the Scrapyard Company, or sell independently.

Trading in your dead car can help you get a car with an attractive discount. After contacting the dealership, they’ll check the car and decide whether to buy it or accept a trade-in.

Despite this, you can contact a couple of scrapyards and get the best bargain for your scrap car. Most dealerships send scrapped vehicles to the scrapyard to sell off the parts and make some money.

If you wish to have healthy money from your dead car, selling it independently is your best choice. To sell a scrap car independently, the three essential things to do are: set a price after researching the market, pull all the paperwork together, and negotiate and sell to the interested party.

Use Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to set the market value and check Autotrader, eBay Motors, and Craigslist to get the buyer.

· Donate the car to charity

If you don’t want to make money from your scrap car, donate it to a community. Simply search online and find a charity that is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. Then contact the charity and ask them to collect your dead car.

Final words

Hopefully, now you know how to get rid of a car that doesn’t run and get some valuable money from it. However, donating the car to charity will both clear your yard and let you participate in the welfare of poor people. But if you want to use the money for a new car or essentials, trying it individually is the most recommended method.

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